VidyoConnect for Desktop: About Version 19.2.0

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VidyoConnect for Desktop: About Version 19.2.0

In VidyoConnect™ version 19.2.0, we're happy to introduce in-call moderator controls. With this feature, you can quickly and easily perform moderator actions (such as muting the participants' microphones) from within the VidyoConnect desktop application.

In addition, we've added the snapshot notification feature. This feature gives you the security of knowing that you will be notified if a mobile participant takes a snapshot of your video or your shared content during a call.

Continue reading for more information about these features as well as for information about issues that we've resolved in this release.

What's New in This Release

  • In-Call Moderator Controls
    • You can now quickly and easily moderate meetings from within the VidyoConnect desktop application. Instead of having to go to a separate web page, you can simply click the Moderate call button to access these in-call moderator functions:
      • Soft mute all participants
      • Soft mute per participant
      • Disconnect per participant or all participants
    • If you prefer to view the moderator controls in a separate browser window, you can still do so simply by selecting the Open in browseroption from the "Moderate call" panel. In the browser, there are full moderator controls including hard mute camera and microphone and lock and unlock the meeting.
    • Room owners can create a moderator PIN that will allow other participants to become the moderator. This can be especially useful if you anticipate that you may be late to a meeting or have to leave early.
    • For more information, please refer to the Using the Moderation Capability in the VidyoConnect for Desktop Application article.
  • Local Audio Levels
    • Device Settings now display real-time microphone audio levels.
  • New and Enhanced Window Controls and Positioning
    • To improve overall application usability, you can now:
      • Minimize the window to the taskbar while staying in a call.
      • Maximize the window and then un-maximize to return to the previous window size for full application mode.
      • Click an ESC button to leave a full-screen window to stay in a call or in a share.
      • Receive a warning message if you try to close the app window during a call, rather than getting disconnected from the call.
      • Change the size and position of windows more easily. For example, when starting a call, the app window remains the same size and position as an out-of-call window.
  • Enhanced Mini-View Share Window
    • The Mini-View window now has a minimize button in the title bar and has mute microphone and mute camera buttons.
  • Snapshot Notification
    • If a mobile participant in a call takes a snapshot of you or of the content you are sharing, you will now be notified by either of the following messages: For example, “Nancy Smith” has taken a snapshot of your video., "Nancy Smith” has taken a snapshot of your share.
  • Resolved Issues
    • In this release, we've resolved a number of issues to enhance performance and usability, including the following:
      • We fixed a web proxy issue that, in certain cases, was causing the VidyoConnect desktop application to crash on Windows® 10.
      • We improved the share quality when you start receiving share in a small window and undock the share and maximize it.
      • To avoid confusion, our applications will now consistently use the terminology H.323/SIP endpoints instead of endpoint deviceslegacy devicesdial-out endpoints, etc.
    • For the complete list of issues resolved in this release, see the "Resolved Issues" section below.
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