VidyoRoom HD40 how to ugrade the SW using a PC

Luigi Astorri -

in some circumstances the HD40 running an old version is not able to log in to the JV1.JOINCONFERENCING.COm portal. In these cases it is necessary to manually upgrade the HD40 SW. Let follow the instructions:

- download the latest releases from the following link:

in the folder you can find the 32 bit and the 64 version. Please use the appropriate ones

- using a browser, let open the web interface of the HD40 simply inserting the IP address. 

- log in to the website using the account: admin password

- open the Firmware tab and scroll down to the Installer section

- select the file you already downloaded and proceed with the upgrade

- the system will upload the file and reboot itself.

- when the upgrade process finished, you can insert your credentials and the system will successfully log in to the portal.


for more details please download the VidyoRoom administration guide


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